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Our Values

Unmatched Quality

Our Dream Depictions are designed by decades experienced artists with a true eye for style and detail like no other. We utilise the latest in digital painting tools and techniques to hit a high quality bar. The end result is a customised portrait that is leaps and bounds above the rest. We use high quality long lasting materials and are committed to constantly improving both our process and service.

100% Satisfaction

At Dream Depiction we find that happy customers make the best customers and so we strive to provide a service and product that our customers value or your money back. Simple and fair.

Environmentally Friendy

Printing locally allows us to cut carbon emissions on delivery. Our portraits use sustainable materials with 3 trees planted for every 1 used. We employ a work from home strategy allowing our employees to avoid a commute and

Fast Shipping

We ship from multiple locations in Europe and North America ensuring that you recieve your dream depiction in record time!

The Dream

At Dream Depiction we are commited to a few core values:

Quality – Every product we produce has to be of the highest quality in order to justify our premium position in the marketplace. We never compromise on image quality and would rather delay delivery than rush a portrait.

Customer Satisfaction – We recognise that there can be anxiety when using a customised portrait service as it is the sort of product that is hard to understand until it is in your hands. That is why we offer a preview with revisions as a standard on all of our portraits. We never want you to feel like you have not recieved a top quality image and so our dedicated artists will work with you to produce a premium portrait that is sure to wow your friends and family!

Environmentalism – We are commited to running a green business which means that we ensure that all of our products are made sustainably, locally where possible and transported shorter distances to ensure a smaller carbon footprint. We power our main office with solar panels and employ a company wide work from home policy to avoid unnecessary commutes. We plant 3 trees for every 1 tree used in production and are constantly looking for ways to work sustainably and in balance with nature.

Charity – Homelessness is an issue very close to the hearts of the team at Dream Depiction, which is why we give a percentage of our yearly profits to charities and schemes tackling both the cost of living crisis in the UK and youth homeless. We use this money to support work, mentoring and skills opportunities for disadvantaged youths to try and give them the best chance to lead a successful life regardless of the hardships they have endured.

Equality – We are an equal opportunities employer and have made special provisions for our portraits to be customisable regardless of the customers background. We think that it is important for all people to be treated equally and that is not just in the workplace but in how a company treats it’s customers.

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