Frequently Asked Questions

Is the quality of my photograph good enough to use?

We would suggest you follow the guidelines in the Photo Guide section however it is very likely that even with a far from perfect image we will still be able to create you a dream depiction!

How will you create my portrait?

Our decades long experienced artists utilise the latest in digital technology to create your portrait with industry standard tools and propietary software that gives Dream Depiciton an edge over competitor portrait sites. We have a range of original and famous portrait designs for you to pick from and can customise them to your hearts desire! The result is a top quality product that few can come close to, a premium product that your loved ones deserve!

What sizes do you offer?

Currently we offer the following sizes:

20 x 30cm
30 x 40cm
40 x 60cm

All Dream Depictions come with a 1.5″ thick wooden panel that the canvas is stretched around for an authentic look.

Can you make a custom design for me?

Do you offer larger weddings and events packages?


How long will it take for my portrait to arrive, and how much will shipping cost?

Will i get a notification when my order is sent?

Once your order is ready, you will recieve an email asking to confirm the design. Once you have confirmed your dream depiction we will print, package and send the order to your supplied address. We will email you a notification once the package has been sent and provide a tracking number / courier information.

My order was returned to sender. Can you ship it to me again?

Situations like these usually occur from an incorrect or incomplete address being provided to us at checkout. If this is the case then any re-imbusement for expedited shipping will not occur, however if it is a mistake on our end then we will re-send your portrait and re-imburse your expedited shipping charge.
With a re-ship we will ask for your confirmed address and a contact phone number (which will only be kept to ensure delivery / satisfaction with service). We will endeavour to have your portrait sent back to you as soon as possible and call to confirm after it has arrived.

How safe is the packaging?

Our packaging has been carefully designed to offer the utmost protection for your portrait whilst it is in transit. Your canvas will be wrapped in plastic to keep out moisture and held securely in the center of the box to avoid scuffs or scrapes.

In the unlikely event that your portrait arrives damaged, email us at support@dreamdepiction.com and we will send you a replacement.

Returns and Refunds

What is your refund and return policy?

Your satisfaction is our top priority & we will do everything to ensure that you love your portrait. It is this attention to a quality product and high degree of customer care that distinguishes us as the premier custom portrait site.

Lost Painting Guarantee

If the painting is lost by the courier shipping agent, we will send you a new artwork at absolutely no charge to you. Contact us 10-25 days after delivery approval for assistance regarding the lost painting.

Artwork Damage

If your painting arrives damaged, reach out to us within 30 days by contacting us at support@dreamdepiction.com. We will print & ship a new canvas for you free of charge. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible, as we may not be able to reprint the artwork if significant time has passed since your order.


If you are not happy after viewing the preview of the portrait you can ask for revisions – we do unlimited modifications free of charge! Should you decide even after several modifications that you are not happy with the result, we will of course respect your decision. In that case, please write to our customer support so we can reach the best solution for you.

My order was damaged when it arrived. What now?

If I change my mind am I able to cancel my order?

Yes. As long as your cancellation request is made within 12 hours of placing your order or in busier times before work has started on your portrait.

If you have changed your mind on the portrait that you want done, we can transition this over to your prefered portrait choice so long as work has not already started and the price is the same (or difference paid).

After work has started on your portrait, cancellations will be accepted at our discretion. We will charge you a 40% cancellation fee if work has been completed but will let you see the result and decide if this is still what you want to do.

Orders that have already been confirmed by you and printed cannot be cancelled as they will already be on their way to being sent and an email with a tracking number will arrive shortly.