We can create a beautiful custom portrait from almost any photograph!
Check out our photo guide for advice on what picture to choose for best results.

Tips for a perfect portrait:

Your photograph should be taken at a straight angle, with your chin pointing straight or slightly upwards.

Choose a higher quality photograph, ideally not pixelated, with all facial features visible when zoomed in

Your photograph should have your whole head and face visible – no features being missing or hidden.

Any photo works

If you do not have a perfect photograph, do not worry – we’ve got you! We can create our portraits
from almost any photograph and we will ensure you truly have a dream depiction!

If you have only a low resolution photograph:

We should still be able to re-create a memorable and recognisable depiction of you! Although some details may be lost we are able to create a much more realistic image than many of our competitors!

If you have an old, cracked, unclear photo:

For most photographs aslong as there is at least a clear face we will be able to create a fantastic image using the latest tools available. This example is from a photograph taken in the 1930’s so we highly doubt we can be stumped!

If you only have a black and white photograph:

We can create a portrait from a greyscale photo – the portrait can be black and white OR if you provide us details for skin / eye colour we can actually produce a colour version whilst also capturing your essence perfectly! Noone else on the market can do this!

If the only photograph you have has many other people in it:

This will not be a problem aslong as you are careful to clearly state which person or persons in the photograph you would like to be depicted in your customised portrait!

Customisation Options

Haircut or Hair re-colour:

We will usually take your facial features into the image and keep the image hair unless you specify that you would prefer to keep your own style or change the colour!

Add or remove makeup:

We can carry over your makeup style from your provided photograph, boost highlights, eyemake-up, lipstick and toners or remove makeup for a more natural look!

Available for any skin color or tone

When we create our portraits, we match the person’s skin color from the photograph to the chosen portrait. We do that for all the visible parts of the body – so any portrait works with any skin color or shade.