The Refined Gentleman

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Customised Male Portrait.

The elder refined Gentleman poses for a portrait in his shop. His stance one of calm composed confidence, he displays his wealth and station with a majestic tophat and intricate embrodiery on his otherwise understated jacket. This is a man for whom only the very best will do.

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The elder refined Gentleman poses for a portrait in his shop. His stance one of calm composed confidence, he displays his wealth and station with a majestic tophat and intricate embrodiery on his otherwise understated jacket. This is a man for whom only the very best will do.



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Looking for a timeless gift that will bring joy for years to come? Show your love by giving a unique present that will be cherished for years and not forgotten in a week! Dream Depiction’s custom-made Portraits offer unmatched quality in both visuals and materials, setting them apart from competitors. It’s time to level up your gifting game with a Dream Depiction today!

Our professional digital artists will produce you a custom portrait of the highest quality that will forever be a talking piece in your home.


1. Upload your photograph. We draw your portrait.

Our talented artists can work from any photograph but for best results see our photo guide

2. Preview your artwork. Unlimited Revisions

In 1-3 days we will send your portrait proof for approval. Preview, approve, or ask for edits.

3. We ship it fast & free. Happiness Guaranteed!

Get ready to share the laughs and have that thoughtful personalised gift sent to you as soon as possible!

Created by Digital Artists with decades of experience

Behind the scenes, our portrait production process is a blend of craftsmanship and innovation. With a focus on bringing your vision to life, we create superior customised portraits that resonate on a personal level.
Unlike common copy-and-paste methods, every detail is thoughtfully considered to create a truly unique masterpiece that blends your image into our own, truly creating a Dream Depiction!

Highest Quality Canvas

Your Dream Depiction will be printed in the UK or Germany on premium, artist-grade canvases. Framed with hardwood and superior ink it is guaranteed to last the test of time! Get Yours today!

Sturdy Hardwood Frame

Mounting Kit Included


No smudge ink, never fades, never loses vibrancy


We print and ship locally from multiple locations within the UK. Reducing transportation distances allows us to cut carbon emissions and deliver our products super fast!


If you do not find the answer to your question check out our full FAQ Page, if you still need help then feel free to email us at support@dreamdepiction.com

Is my Photograph good enough to use?

Yes, most images are usable and aslong as you upload a visible image upon checkout there should be no issues. If there is a problem with your photograph then we will contact you as soon as we start to work on your portrait and either request a new image or ask for clarification if for example there are too many people in the image and it is not specificed who you want to use.

The Photograph Guide provides details on the best practices to create a Dream Depiction and if you follow the advice on that page we will ensure that you will have a Dream result!

Can i preview before i purchase?

We can provide you a first draft usually within 1-2 business days of purchase. Due to the nature of personalised products and the hours required to produce your beautiful portrait we are unable to provide a preview before purchase.
We do however offer reviews and you can provide feedback if there are aspects of the image you are unhappy with which we will then diligently improve upon.
We aim to please and would rather refund you than provide a product you will not be 100% happy with.

What customisation options are available to me?

Dream Depiction offers a huge variety of customisation options in order to make your Dream portrait truly special. We can change the colour of the hair, remove glasses, add / remove makeup and in some portraits we even offer extras such as adding in your pet cats or dogs!
Each portrait comes with a skin tone that matches yours as a standard feature. No extra charges for matching your color or shade. If you’d like any custom changes, simply note them during checkout when you upload your photo. Any additional paid options will be listed on the product page before you add it to your cart.

What is the Dream guarantee?

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and our ability to create superior portraits is what sets us apart from other customised portrait sites. Your happiness and delight with your portrait is our primary goal here and so we endevour to get it right so you can be confident in our products and services. We make it easy for you with our 3 step process and know you will soon be living the Dream!

Love it or leave it

We are confident that you will love your Dream Depiction but if for any reason after several modifications you are still not happy with the design we can offer a partial refund.
We usually hit the mark first time however can offer multiple opportunities to review and change your design before printing and shipping.
We will not be able to change your design once approved as at that point it will have already been printed and be getting ready for posting so make sure you are happy with the design first as that is what you will have.

Lost or damaged painting?

If your Dream Depiciton arrives damaged or even worse does not manage to arrive at all, we will send out a replacement free of charge! We are commited to quality and that extends to our delivery partners.

Production & shipping time

Generally Production will take between 1-5 working days with printing and shipping taking place immediately upon confirmation of your design. Free shipping is available on all products. Delivery times are usually between 5-10 days, but can be variable depending on the season and options for expedited shipping are available at checkout.
Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery page for the most up to date information.

Don’t Delay!

Due to limited artist availability and high demand we can often sell out. To ensure you recieve your portrait on time for that special occasion we recommend to order well in advance.
If you have questions on availability or anything else, please email us at


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